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12 August 2015 @ 01:26 pm
Under these many lj-cuts are the characters that I have so far written about or well, released into public. I have a few more up my sleeve. Just was being lazy and not making them since they don't have any stories up. Heh.

They will be added if I ever put them in a future story. :)

I do have this one story finished and it was like months ago, but I just never put it up for some reason. When I get around to making a banner and all that I'll put it up. I also have this one I've been working on since I was in Spain, but that one is not finished yet.

Below this whole thing will be the chronological order of the stories. :D Because the order in which I post might not be exactly the order of events. Hehe. *Grins*

I hope you enjoy, but don't rip anything off me or I will not be a very happy kitty. Plagiarism is just bad, people. And I'm not talking Fanfiction, since most if not all all who write it don't claim it as their own but that they are only borrowing them for a little fun. that's diffrent.

Okay, is that clear? Good. :D

Read on and enjoy. One more thing, if you totally do NOT want to be spoiled for any of the stories you might consider not reading the bios until you have read all the current stories because there are some tiny ones. And I'll update them as things go along.

Renée WolfeCollapse )
Aidan WolfeCollapse )
Jay PatelCollapse )
Jacqueline RichelieuCollapse )
Madeline RouxCollapse )
Gabriel WolfeCollapse )
Éloise WolfeCollapse )
Marigold WatsonCollapse )
Ásdís BrynjaCollapse )
Elias SilvaCollapse )
Veronika SlavikCollapse )
STORIES (by the year):

Blast From The Past

The Start <-- Un-locked!
Favorite Place

Sibling Rivalry
London <-- Un-locked!

Late Night Snack (Happens after NaNo 2007 semi-planned, possible story or at least most of it)
Promise (Again just a little piece of a bigger thing.)
Feeding (Happens right after Promise)
Broken (Happens like an hour after Promise)
Trouble (Happens really in the same time frame as the one above, but is only a small piece of a bigger thing)
Carrots (Two weeks after Trouble)

MIX OF YEARS (Which means snippets of things from more than one year):
Things happen <-- Un-locked!
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02 February 2008 @ 11:30 pm

Fandom: None. Original.

Prompt: #80 - Rule number 7

Warnings: Umh. none that I can think off.
Rating: G, maybe almost PG. lol.
Summary: The relationship between Fae's and vamps are very strained but yet they have a joint school in New York. That often leads to trouble.

A/N: Banner coming soon! lol. :D And basically this is like my Silent Wish story except it's not. It's like a "spin-off" lol. All new characters. lol. :D And yeah, I was trying to figure something out but I seriously suck at math, so please tell me if I did it wrong. Heh. :)

EDIT: Added a banner! :D The credits are here


"You broke rule number 7. You know what that means." Ms. Crawford told Adelia and Ginger, while they just sat slumped down in their chairs in front of her big, black and stylish desk. She had caught these two delinquents fighting in a corridor. She had nothing against some vamp/Fae tiffs, because most fairies were so damn annoying with their aura-changing wings and bloodthirsty unicorns. But this was her school and she tolerated no violence on school property... unless there was a really good reason.

"Come on, Becca. She totally started it. She was being all weird and freaky. Then she just walked into me when I was hurrying to my 'history of the vampire world' class and made me drop my books. Then she was just going to walk on by and she didn't even say she was sorry!" Adelia told the blond woman who was their headmistress, who arched an eyebrow at the use of the nickname. Adelia was feeling pretty gutsy today.

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12 January 2008 @ 07:21 pm
I think I'm gonna unlock my NaNo things. There were only like three this year. I got a new job and yes *hangs head in shame* I abandoned NaNo.

Anyways I think it's kind of silly to have most of it unlocked and only those few locked. lol. So, unlocked it is.

I also need to put up a new banner. Heh.

Just been out of the writing thing really. *Sigh* :(

Un-locked posts:

The Start
Things Happen
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Title: Buttons
Fandom: None
Prompt: # 74 - Nowhere
Warnings: None.
Rating: G
Summary: Renée knows just what buttons to push.

A/N: I didn't post last weeks fic here, but at my personal lj. Don't ask, I don't know why. So, I'm posting that one below this one. :D Yes, I'm the lazy. and I might do banners for both later.


"You have nowhere left to go!!" Aidan whined to Renée who was going over a list in her hands.

"Yes, I do. A few places actually. You know, if what you said had been the start of some drama or something it would have been all tragic and stuff." Renée told him, as she ticked of things on her list for things they need before Christmas.

"You can not be serious. You are going to throw a Christmas party for complete strangers at our home?" Jay asked her, as he walked beside her and paid no attention to the grief of his boyfriend who was carrying all the bags.

Title : Party (Banner later)
: Only the one in my head. Meaning no, no fandom.
Prompt : # 73 - Rope
Warnings : Umh, catty-ness and a lil slash-y vibe? lol. Seriously, if you don't like vamps or even the mention of anything slash-y, this is not the place for you.
Rating: PG, though it's prolly G. lol.
Summary: The Wolfe's are having a party and things get heh, interesting. Like always.

A/N : So, no banner because I seriously need sleep. Yes, I know I posted it here and not where I usually do. I might do that later, obviously. Just felt like posting it here. Who knows when I'll write anything more. lol. And I kind of like it, but then I wrote it. lol.

And if you feel like there is something missing, well there is. I don't write in a chronologically order, sorry about that. But all will be explained later. lol. When I write it. :p But maybe you can figure it out anyways, maybe not. Maybe I'll explain, if you ask nicely. :p


"Who is the hottie?" Evvie asked Jackie, as she noticed Aidan enter the Great room and Jay was nowhere to be seen. Off course how was she to know anything about Jay, since she was here for the first time through her connection with Jackie. Evvie had interested Jackie when they first met. She wasn't really like those people who were all depressed and obsessed with death like so many of the vampire-wannabes.

"That is Aidan Wolfe. Very nice boy. He's a born one, like me. His sister is Renée, the one you talked to earlier when you met your ex." Jackie told her, and didn't mention the whole 'he also stole my poor Jay away from me'. Evvie eyes lighted up at the mention of him being a Wolfe and him being a born vamp. If she could snag him, that would be brilliant. She was a little like a gold digger, just looking for a "undead" filthy rich guy to marry.

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10 November 2007 @ 01:12 am

Fandom: None.
Prompt: 68 - Nurture
Warnings: Umh, nothing.
Rating: Probably G. What else is new?
Summary: Just a little bit of my NaNo that fit this week. There's a newbie in the house and she meets Jay and a big, white cat called Snow. Hmm.

A/N: My head hurts and I want to go to sleep. lol. I'm not feeling creative AT ALL.


Cassidy Karen Myles was wandering around the house that she would be living in for at least a while. She didn't really understand what she was doing here, since she had been doing all right on her own. Then she bites the wrong person and this guy shows up and is all; Your coming home with me.

Yeah, like that's never freaky. And she told him; No, way. I don't know you. And he went on about how she had fed on one of his employees, a vampire one at that and so either she could take his offer of help or be thrown to the hunters. She had no idea what he was talking about hunters and stuff, but if help meant a nice roof over her head why the hell not.

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09 November 2007 @ 08:44 pm
I'm not doing so great on my NaNo. I have a lil' over 6 k. :(

My plot just kinda unraveled and I'm all blaaahhh about it right now. But that happens a lot. I suspect my muse has either gone back to Wales or something. lmao.

I just don't feel like writing. Well, most of the time. lol. Buuut i did kinda make my header a bit diffrent because the charachters I had in my original banner were char's. I stopped using or didn't use that much. lmao. So, I added some new ones I plan/ned to use more. lol.

Meh, I've not give up yet but I doubt I'll post it here. so the whole NaNo entries f-locked is kinda useless. lmao. But I might post some of it as tamingthemuse stuff because i have like 16 weeks and I'm not about to start over. lol.

Opps. That means I've gotta get my butt in gear because it's Friday. lol. But I think I have something, so do not fear. lol. :) I'm so talking to myself, ain't I?

Oh, well. Why stop now. lmao.

And yeah, have you noticed my avi and the stuff i added to the top of my index post and bio? Hah. Check it out, seriously.
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04 November 2007 @ 09:29 pm
This is what I wrote like late, late at night and so really it's day 3 but I'm saying day 2. So, sue me. lol. :D I quite like it. :)


"Can't we talk about this?" Renée asked her recently discovered to be half, but always loved, brother Aidan who was packing his bags with his clothes and shoes. Well, the shoes went into a plain gray plastic bag. Guess there was no room in his three suitcases for any footwear.

"Not really. I knew you had a thing for him, and he seems to feel something for you but it is kinda creepy." He snapped at her, while shoving CD's into another plastic bag but this one was actually yellow-tinted.

"What do you mean it's creepy? I'm a fully grown vampire!" Renée growled at him, and grabbed for the bag full of CD's but he evaded her hands. Stupid him and his stupid need to be all hurt like a wears-the-heart-on-his-sleeve human! Huh, that was the first time she thought of humans as anything but something she was a part of.

- - -

Now I just have to write 3334 words today, or I'll be behind even more. lmao.
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02 November 2007 @ 12:52 am
Here's what I wrote today. :) I don't know why I'm posting this here. lol. Well, one part because it's for tamingthemuse  but not the rest. lol. Soooo, read at your whatever.







of tags, but it has a lot of people or mentioned. lol. Anyways there are two snippets because I'm NOT writing this in order. Yes, that's right. Don't expect this to make much sense unless you can piece them together. lol. I might help with that later on. Right now? Not so much, because I just want to write 1667 words or more a day.
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27 October 2007 @ 04:20 am

Fandom: Only the one in my head. lmao. It's all mine. :p
Prompt: # 66 - Hue & Cry
Warnings: None, really.
Rating: G
Summary: Just a another little piece of this event. Heh. This happens right after Promise and before Broken.
Banner: Times New Roman


Eli was rinsing his cup that he had used under his meal when Aidan walked into the kitchen and saw him wash it, but didn't say anything even though he had a pretty good idea what had happened a few moments earlier. Which had been that he had poured most of it down the drain. He knows he should be all bloodthirsty and all, but every time he took a sip that night flashed before his eyes and it wasn't something he wanted to relive if he didn't have to.

The radio is on low and it's this ancient song called He won't smile by this band called Hue & Cry. Why the radio was even playing it, maybe they were having some kinda 80's day or it was a request or something. He just couldn't believe he actually remembered that song. He didn't even like it when he was younger, but his Mom had loved it and turned it up every time it was on. So, maybe that was why he could remember it so well.

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25 October 2007 @ 11:13 pm
Soooo, I kinda fixed the links in the fics so they go to the next one in the right order.

Does that make sense? Anyways, it's like the stories in 2009 are in this order but I didn't post them in that order but at the end of each I have the link to the next one in the order they should be read. :)

And I added three char's to the bios above. Éloise Wolfe, Eli and Veronika. :D If you viewd my photos from my scrapbook thingy it would say where I got them from. I know, weird place for credits but ya know.

I'm totally working on this weeks tamingthemuse fic and it's once again in 2009 because I can't very well work on 2008 because it's not November yet and I'm using that stuff for NaNoWriMo. Which will be friends-locked. lol.

I just don't f-lock my TTM entries because I don't want everybody there to friend my LJ. I know how annoying that can be. lol. And I'll probably post it on Friday or before because woot, Halloween ball on Saturday. Well, that evening but ya know, gotta get ready and all.

Not very original but I'm a devil girl. :D Have horns, a tail and little sparkly trident. lol.

*Goes back to watching ses. 1 Stargate: Atlantis*
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